Skin Glowing And Whitening Goat Milk


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Skin Glowing & Whitening – Goats Milk

Skin Glowing & Whitening – Goats Milk soaps contain alpha hydro-acids, high proteins and vitamins that are well known for whitening, softening and rejuvenating the skin. It plays important role in the prevention of Premature Aging because of sun tan, dry or itchy skin. Goat Milk soap keeps skin Acne-free, Glowing & shining. It is most effective in repairing the skin damages. It maintains pH balance of the skin. Cleanses and purifies skin by pulling out oil, dirt and impurities. Boosts circulation and improves skin health and tone. It acts as a mild cleanser, cleaning the skin without disturbing the natural oils. Suitable for Men , Women & Children.

Safety Information

Keep Away from children, Store in cool and dry place. Do not place the product in direct sunlight and excessive heat.

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